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Womens Fashion Style 3 Quirky Tips From Top Designers

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Womens Fashion Style 3 Quirky Tips From Top Designers

It’s Saturday night and you’re frantically going through your entire wardrobe looking for the perfect outfit to help you look good when you step out the door. However, nothing quite pleases you or feels like it is right for the occasion.

If this sounds familiar, then you should consider the following women’s fashion styling tips from top designers. The advice below will go a long way in helping you adorn your closet in the best way possible:

1. The New Shoe Stretch!

Women, we love our shoes, don’t we?!  So to ensure you avoid ever giving yourself those ugly and painful calluses when you buy new shoes, utilize the new shoe stretch tip!

Most of the problems you will encounter come from your high heels. Learning how to wear those beautiful heels without killing your feet is key.  In fact, when you get a new pair home, put them on with socks, walk around for a while. And then try this…

One of the best ways to stretch new heels is to fill several freezer bags with water, then place them inside the shoes. Throw the entire combination into your freezer and let it steep overnight. In the morning, you’ll feel a huge difference.

Inside of the shoe will be stretched and when you put them on, they will feel cool to your feet.

2. Shopping Starts With A Plan

Whether you are just about to tie the knot or you simply need to attend a formal black-tie event, you will end up spending a lot of time and energy looking for the perfect outfit that will make you look good.

To make things easier for yourself and happy about the choice you end up making, try shopping with the proper shoes, makeup, and hairstyle. Bring along some accessories like a belt, scarf or earrings.  These will you in seeing the bigger picture and select the right outfit.

3. Buying The Perfect Jacket

While shopping and buying the perfect jacket can be fun, ensure you do not lose your mind by following this style tip. Shopping for blazers, coats, and jackets comes with a single rule: ensure that the piece your buying fits perfectly on your shoulders. If it is too wide or tight, look for another option. Not even the best tailor can rework a jacket that isn’t your perfect fit.

Also keep in mind the different textures that a good jacket can add to any outfit or fashion style. 


These 3 fashion style tips were brought to you by You Look Good Fashion. Our passion is sharing information so you look and feel good in your unique style. Let us know if you use any of these tips or share some of your own tips by leaving a comment below.

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